Spearheading the growth of company, a core group of highly motivated and dedicated individuals who with their experience and dynamic leadership have taken MG Power to greater heights of achievement. The irony of the fact that the company has a distinct identity and credible standing in the UPS market. It is right that the credit and regognition is attributed to the promoters.

MG Power is a technology savvy company with a clear-cut strategy to emerge as leaders in the market. We at MG Power over a decade, constantly strive to provide our customer the very latest in power conditioning products. No efforts have been spared on innovating our products. To that extent our major emphasis has been on constant Research & Development to. Bring newer, more powerful products to your service. As a result we have been succeeding in developing and incorporation the IGBT version and the latest through in providing an input Active power factor corrected UPS systems which is the latest paradigm in our system.
MG Power has set up an efficient and fully functional service networks all over M.P and Nearby State. A networked backed by an experienced team of professionals, offering firmly entrenched in the market place and we are full y geared to support effectively to our customers needs. Specially trained service technicians are on the job round the clock. There services are available at all stage from installation to commissioning and to daily operations.
All preventive maintenance visits are conducted with a service report, which shows clearly the conditions of MG Power UPS. The customer is thus benefited with the data of least break down time. Round the clock service is also provided for critical installation from all service centers. We also after a broad range of standard and special service contracts.
Every since its inception, the company has being growing constantly with a sound and healthy growth rate. Needless to say the product range has diversified to an amazing extent, meeting the requirements and expectations in the industry and also our customers.
Over the years the product has carved a nice for themselves in the market. As a result the turnover has been increasing steadily.