Quality Commitment

            It is our firm belief that saving ahead in the field is not merely enough. There by realizing the need and understanding the needs of our customers. We have effectively incorporated a feedback system wherein customer’s suggestions and response are channeled back to us through customer feedback form and constant interaction by different sales and after sales service personnel.

            Our company is operational from a decade with the emphasis on further improvement of Quality. The ROI ( Return on Investment ) is guaranteed by increasing the productivity by graduating 100% uptime. We spare no efforts to ensure our products pass the most stringent quality control test at every phase of manufacturing. Significantly, it is the worth stating that our UPS/Inverter/Stabilizer systems are thoroughly tested by   ETDC, CPRI and LUN.

MG Power’s Quality Control Process

           MG Power  system a sophisticated product which requires a complete testing of components and sub assemblies which are rigorously tested as per schedule given below:

  • We carry out complete testing of individual component at incoming stages.
  • All semiconductor component like IC’s, Transistors, Diodes etc, tested for the specifications on sample supplied to us.
  • Components like resistor, capacitors, etc are tested according to standards, on their respective instruments.
  • Bare PCB’s are tested for print and continuity of tracks under magnifying glass.
  • For soldering core: 80%-20% is used.
  • Functional test are conducted on PCB’s only the PCB’s that withstand these tests are incorporated.
  • Various stage of inspections is carried out, by our quality control department.
  • The power components like chokes and transformers are tested for high voltage with standing of insulation material used and functional
    test completely.
  • Once Product is completed it is checked for wiring suitably and card and components are checked for proper wave form and harmonic distortion
    and then passed for further testing.
  • The complete Product will be ON for 1 hr, continuously with load without load. Retesting of Product is done and passed to our packing department
    and then it goes to the ultimate customer.