Range Available 600 VA and 800 VA 12,1000VA abd 1500VA/24V,2500VA/48V
AC Input 100 to 285 + 10V AC ( 175 to 270 V in Home UPS mode)
Output Voltage Range 200-250V AC (backup mode)
Output Frequency 50 + 0.1 Hz.
Output Waveform PWM square wave
Transfer time @ 70m Sec. and 15-18 m Sec. in Home UPS mode
Display LED (Mains, charging, charged, inv, o/I, b/I, mode)  LCD (16x2 lines)
Battery charger Range 125 to 275 V AC
Battery charging current 2 Amp to 15 Amp DC
Battery Boost Voltage 13.8 / 14.2 Volts + 0.1 V
Battery Low Off 9.6 Volts + 0.2 V
Overload Trips after 10 seconds.Four retries
Jumper Selections for Mode Charging Amp/Boost Voltage

Key Features:

  1. Based on highly reliable microcontroller.
  2. MOSFET based power stage with PWM AC output.
  3. Soft start backup mode.
  4. Backup mode protected against overload,short ckt,etc,Automatic overload reset.
  5. Over current of MOSFET protected within micro seconds.
  6. Can accept any input waveform(Sine,square, generator etc.)
  7. Automatic low battery warning and cutt off.
  8. FUZZY LOGIC Battery charging control Charging current variable (2 amp to 15 amp ).
  9. Unique home away feature,shuts down backup mode.
  10. In built sell diagnostic to check basic hardware.
  11. Error code displayed on LED’s/LCD
  12. Option for Field setting of parameters.
  13. DC Fan option on PCB.