Range Available 550,VA / 800 VA / 12V, 1400VA/24V,2000VA and 3000VA/48V.
AC Input 100 to 285 V AC (175 to 270 V in Home UPS mode) 
Output Voltage Range 225V AC nominal ( backup)
Output Frequency 50 + 0.1 Hz
Output Wave form Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time @ 30 m Sec.in inverter mode <10m sec in Home UPS mode.v
Display LED (Mains,inverter,Charge,O/I,b/I) (Fuse blown,Hot condition)
Battery Charger Range 115 to 275 V AC
Battery Charging Current 8/11 Amp DC
Battery Boost Voltage 13.8/14.2 Volts + 0.1V
Battery Low Off. 9.6 Volts + 0.2 V
Overload Trip after 10 Seconds, Four retries.
Jumper Selections Mode,Charging Amp/Boost Voltage

Key Features:

  1. Microcontroller based design with DSP technology.
  2. PWM Sinewave Output.
  3. SMPS based battery charger,charges battery from 110 V.
  4. Selectable charging current and voltage.
  5. Complete O/L and Short ckt.protection with facility to run highly inductive loads.
  6. Automatic overload reset.
  7. Protection against abnormal temperature rise.
  8. Can accept any input waveform lilke sinewave,square wave.Generator etc.
  9. Automatic low battery warning and cut off.
  10. FUZZY LOGIC Battery charging control.
  11. Closed loop regulated sinewave output from no load to full load.
  12. DC 3’’ Fan (12,24,48V ) control on PCB.